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2010-05-27 - New feature: rating
It's now possible to rate images from 1 to 5 gold stars. Check it out! [henks]

2010-03-30 - Blogs online
Our blog server is up and running! Get your own blog now!
Read more [henks]

2010-02-21 - Follow us on Twitter!
We're pleased to announce that you can now keep up-to-date with Aviation-Designs on Twitter: http://twitter.com/AviationDesigns Follow us for any relevant design news from the world of aviation, as well as all the latest from us! We hope you enjoy our tweets and look forward to receiving any feedback from you, see you there! [Jaspike]

2010-02-21 - Name updates
The whole site now uses aviation-designs.net instead of old url's. If you are not recognized in the forum etc. - simply log out (if you can) and log in again. [henks]

2010-02-21 - Photo comments
It's now possible to easily comment/discuss a single photo. You will find the comment block below each image on the site. You need to be logged in as your forum user to be able to post. [henks]

2010-02-15 - New templates
Some long ago uploaded templates have been found and added. Check them out. [henks]

2010-02-12 - Share feature
A "share" button has been added just below the information next to each image on the site. Use this to share the current image in your favorite media such as Facebook, Twitter and many, many more. [henks]

2010-02-12 - Most active designers
There is now a list at the bottom right of our first page where you can see the top 10 contributing designers in the last week. [henks]

2010-02-11 - New website address
As of today we are now using the domain www.aviation-designs.net. Please update your bookmarks and share this new address with your friends! [Jaspike]

2009-12-29 - Forum posts on first page
We just added a list of the latest forum posts on the first page. You'll find this in the middle of the page. It includes all current forums. [henks]

2009-12-25 - Merry Christmas from A-D.net!
All of us here on the Aviation Design team would like to wish a wonderful Christmas! Hope to see you guys posting even more through out the New Year. Happy Holidays! [Orca333]

2008-12-25 - Merry Christmas 2008!
Merry christmas from all of us here at Aviation Design! We hope you have a good one! [Orca333]

2008-11-14 - Template section upgrade
It is now possible to upload templates easily. We also added search functionality to the template pages. [henks]

2008-11-11 - Digg
A digg button is present next to the information box beneath each big photo. Use this to submit an image to Digg.com. [henks]

2008-11-11 - Links shortened
Links to photo pages have been shortened. Check them out just above each big image. [henks]

2008-11-07 - New spam protection
CAPTCHA's added to all pages where it's possible to contact anyone (crew, designers etc) through e-mail. [henks]

2008-10-27 - Forum back online
It's not finished, but the forum is now visible and most parts of it should be working properly. [henks]

2008-10-27 - Forum upgrade starting
We're moving the forum over to the new design as well now. It will initially be completely unavailable for a short while. [henks]

2008-10-24 - Site makeover
We're happy to announce the biggest changes ever since we got on-line. The design will become more modern and functional. Check the forums for more info. [henks]

2008-01-01 - New Crew Members
I'm pleased to announce that we have chosen 2 members to be part of the crew at MAP! They are Trevor (Orca333 in the forums) and Patrick (N776AU). Congratulations! [Jaspike]

2007-12-26 - We're Recruiting!
Are you interested in helping to run MAP? We're looking for volunteers who are able to help us from January 2008. For more information on what is involved and how to apply, please see the thread in the general forum. [Jaspike]

2007-12-26 - A New Name?
"Modified Airliner Photos" is quite a mouthful, do you have any ideas for a shorter name? If so, please see the thread in the general forum. [Jaspike]

2007-12-26 - A Slogan For MAP
We're looking for a slogan for the site - do you have any ideas? If so, please see the thread in the general forum! [Jaspike]

2006-05-15 - New Forum Now Online!
Our new off topic forum is now online - almost anything can be discussed in this forum, enjoy! [Jaspike]

2006-05-01 - Name Our New Forum!
We're currently setting up a new (off-topic) forum for non-photo modification topics to be discussed. But before the forum goes live, it needs a name! If you have an interesting idea for a name, please let us know by posting in the thread in the General forum. [Jaspike]

2006-02-07 - Uploading For The First Time?
If you're about to add some images to MAP for the first time, please see the thread in the General forum called "Advice For New Contributors". [Jaspike]

2005-12-04 - Important Upload Information
Please read here for important upload information. [Airplanepics]

2005-09-10 - Cabin category added
A new category has been added. It's called 'Cabin'. More info to come in the forum and probably updated rules as well. [henks]

2005-08-11 - Upload Rules: Updated
The upload rules have been updated - they can currently be found in the forum. There are a couple of minor additions and some points have been clarified. If anyone has any questions about the rules, please reply to the thread in the forum. [Jaspike]

2005-05-04 - 5000 Images!
We now have over 5000 images in the database, thanks to all who have uploaded! Keep up the good work everyone! [Jaspike]

2005-02-09 - Thumbnail HTML
Now you can click the "generate html" link below each large picture. It gives you html code for use in homepages, blogs and discussion forums, such as Airliners.net. [henks]

2005-02-03 - ID and views added
Photo ID and the number of views for the picture is now visible on the search-result pages. [henks]

2005-01-31 - Uploads: JPEG Files Only!
Please remember when uploading, that files must be in JPG/JPEG format, and around 100-150Kb in size. The full guidelines can be found via the link at the top of the upload page. [Jaspike]

2004-12-01 - Search lists
Aircraft and Airlines drop down menus are now listed in two ways. First you see the real Aircraft list, and then the fake one. The same goes for Airlines. [henks]

2004-11-05 - A380 Template
An A380 template has been added to the drawing templates page. Using templates is free for publishing on this website. [henks]

2004-10-26 - New Drawing Templates
Our very first official blank drawing templates have been added. Thank you R P Abraham for submitting these! [henks]

2004-10-25 - New Server
Last Sunday we moved the whole CarDatabase site to a nenw server. It should be faster than the old one, and we now have enough disk space for tons of new photos. [henks]

2004-10-25 - Links in results
You can now click the information to make further searches. The info you can click is airline, aircraft and designer. [henks]

2004-07-30 - Upload Problems Fixed!
The uploading difficulties have now been sorted, feel free to upload your images once again! Sorry about any trouble this may have caused. [Jaspike]

2004-07-25 - Uploading Problem
We're currently experiencing serious uploading difficulties. Please bear with us. [L.1011]

2004-06-21 - Photo requests forum
Everyone that would like to post in the photo request forum needs to be logged in. No IP addresses or hostnames will be shown, as we the case with anonymous posts. [henks]

2004-06-07 - More templates
Adrian Slater's templates are now also added to the blank templates database. [henks]

2004-06-07 - New blank template
Roger Alexander Skjeie's blank template can now be found under "blank templates". [henks]

2004-05-25 - Designer statistics
The full designer statistics has now been released! You will find the link at the bottom right of our first page under "Most Viewed". [henks]

2004-05-25 - Sort order added to search
It is now possible to sort the result pages by either the normal most recent uploads and also most popular photos. [henks]

2004-05-15 - Forum rules published
Due to the increase of forum members, we now have forum rules online. By doing this all discussions will be related to this website, and our moderators will all be able to work the same way when removing threads. [henks]

2004-05-13 - Most viewed now with links
Our "Most viewed designers" now have links. You can click on the name to see the designers uploads. You can find the list to the right on our first page. [henks]

2004-05-10 - See it here first! Germanwings BAe 146
Courtesy of Johnny Cotex [L.1011]

2004-05-05 - The Return of Mikephotos!
See the ANZ A332, ATA 717, JetStar A320-See and much more in our latest uploads! [L.1011]

2004-04-30 - New Database Editor!
We are very happy to announce that we have Jaspike as a new crew member! Next to our screeners L.1011 and Airplanepics he will work on the database standardizations. Welcome aboard! [henks]

2004-04-24 - Database Reaches 1500 Photos!
1500 photos in the database folks. I remember when Henrik was hoping we made 1000. [L.1011]

2004-03-23 - Posts in forum
Our photo request forum just passed 1000 posts. Quite some change from the beginning when a single post a day was rare. [henks]

2004-03-22 - Search by designer
It is now possible to search for Designers only, or to combine the searches and filter on designer. [henks]

2004-03-10 - 500,000 views
One and a half month since passing the 300,000 mark, we just passed half a million (500,000) views of the large version of our photos. [henks]

2004-03-03 - Blank templates
Designers can now download blank planes to work with.
You will find the link below "Add photos" on our first page. Read more [henks]

2004-03-02 - 1000 Photos in the Database
There are now 1000 photos in the modified airliner photos database! [Airplanepics]

2004-01-15 - 300000 views!
We have now past the 300,000 large picture mark! Thanks to all! [Airplanepics]

2004-01-10 - Number of views on photos
When you look at the large version of a photo you will now see the number of distinct views at the bottom. "Most viewed" on the first page also includes the number of total views. [henks]

2003-12-19 - 600 Photos on the Database!
We now have exactly 600 modified airliner photos!!! [Airplanepics]

2003-12-04 - New Traffic Record!
On Wednesday 3rd of December MAP got 3821 visitors in a 24 hour period! Breaking all previous records! [Airplanepics]

2003-12-03 - Daily Visitor Record
Thanks to several threads on our sister site Airliners.net, we have recorded our highest daily visitor total ever, at over 3000 and counting, smashing the old record of about 800. [L.1011]

2003-12-02 - Over 500 Photos
As of 17:48 GMT we have 501 photos on our database! [Airplanepics]

2003-12-01 - Favourite Picture of the week
As you can see, we have a new feature which shows you the most viewed picture of the week. [Airplanepics]

2003-11-02 - We have over 100000 hits!
On the 02 November at 7:20PM GMT; Accesses of the large version of photos Total: 100228 [Airplanepics]

2003-10-17 - Over 1000 Visitors in a 24-hour period!
In the 24-hour period on October 16, 6PM-6PM US eastern Daylight Time, we achieved 1013 visitors, shattering previous records! [L.1011]

2003-10-17 - New Record
Yesterday we recieived 1013 hits in a 24 hour period. Thanks! [Airplanepics]

2003-10-07 - New Records!
We now have over 60000 hits! Also, yesterday we set a record of 636 hits in a 24-hour period! [L.1011]

2003-10-02 - 50000 Views!!!!!!!!!!!
We have now passed 50000 views! [L.1011]

2003-09-16 - CELEBRATION!
We've now reached 30000 views! Also a new daily record with 231! [L.1011]

2003-09-15 - Nearing 29000 views!!!
It is now 2:37PM EST, 9-15-03 and we have 28763 views. So far 114 visitors today. Our current record is 130, acheived on 9-14. [L.1011]

2003-09-08 - over 20000 views!
We are now at over 20000 views of the large pictures. Thank you to all who have visited! [Airplanepics]

2003-09-08 - Just Added 11 Photos!
Another 11 photos have now entered the database, all by Mikephotos. We're now at 137! Not far till 150! [L.1011]

2003-09-01 - 10,000 Views
Congratulations!!! We have just passed the 10000 mark, of large views of the pictures in the database! [Airplanepics]

2003-09-01 - Nearing 9000 Hits!
After about 3 weeks, we have had nearly 9000 hits of the large photos!!! Thank You! [Airplanepics]

2003-09-01 - Over 100 pictures
We have just passed 100 photos in the database. [henks]

2003-09-01 - Latest News
All of the latest news/updates will appear here, keep checking back! [Airplanepics]

2003-09-01 - Site news is up
Now it's possible for the site crew to post news that will automatically be shown at the first page. [henks]

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