Information about added or updated functions on the site.
Most recent news first.

  • Database server upgraded
  • Video section added
  • Improved search engine
  • Car Calculator on-line
  • History section added
  • Huge upgrade for most popular photos
  • First page shows 5 latest news headlines
  • Links page to other interesting related sites
  • Links to the last 200 pics from first page
  • Daily newsletter by e-mail working
  • Market on-line for testing - US.
  • Market on-line for testing - Sweden.
  • Buy and sell section being developed.
  • Static pages under beta testing.
  • News page now includes free search.
  • WAP modified. News headlines now on-line.
  • News page modified. Now fastest on the web!
  • Discussion forum off-line for upgrade.
  • Discussion forum on-line for testing.
  • Motor sports news now working
  • Preview of the tech spec database
  • WAP not only for system administration
  • Industry news now working
  • Most popular search from first page
  • Upload via web-page instead of e-mail
  • Editors choice added
  • Most recent photos link added
  • Sections added
  • Oilpaintings of your car
  • Add photos through e-mail
  • Photo database on-line.
  • Wap-server on-line, administration only

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